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In line with Global Citizenship, sustainability is a concept we believe the next generation will grow up very familiar with, therefore we believe in starting it from an early age.

Whether that be turning off the lights or taps, planting trees or flowers, reducing, reusing and recycling; all these things run through the everyday routines of Wild at Heart.

We love the children playing with 'real life items' often purchased from charity shops and enjoy upcycling items such as tyres, pallets or cable reels.

We strive to do our bit to try and prevent as much ending up in landfill as possible.

We avoid using single use paper or plastics where feasible, encouraging the use of a reusable wet bag for example, and have reusable face cloths and hand towels, instead of wipes or single use paper towels.

We welcome the use of reusable nappies at Wild at Heart as we believe these are firmly coming back into fashion.

We also have starter packs available for any parents to try if they wish to trail reusable nappies before investing in some themselves.

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